High ropes


Recreational Courses or Aerial Treks provide outdoor adventure for every user, whatever their age or ability. With the emphasis on high volume for the operator and maximum excitement for the adventurer courses can be designed using trees, poles, or a combination and can have multiple graded elements.


Designed to encourage groups to work together, our developmental elements can be combined with recreational ones to provide flexibility of offer. Whether your space is wooded or open, limited or unlimited, JM will work with you to achieve a design that fits and allows for future phasing and expansion.

Free space

Our designs and components are varied and adaptable which means that whatever the character of your space, we have got the outdoor adventure solution to fit.


Trees are a superb natural resource when it comes to high ropes course design. JM will deal sensitively and professionally with all aspects of conservation and preservation whilst ensuring maximum potential for you and your environment.

Find the brochures here in our download section…

JM will be creative with your space to ensure it achieves its full potential.

Headliners and showstoppers

Big zips and super swings

Nothing draws a crowd quite like a thrill ride. A big finale to your ropes course, or even a stand-alone sensation like the Brighton Zip, has the potential to pull in customers from a wide catchment area.

Huge drops of excitement

The sensation of going round a ropes course is heightened all the more by the anticipation of a daredevil finish. JM can dream up new stunts to get your adventurers from tower top to ground level in the most exciting way, such as fan descenders and air bag landings.

Feindish features

Adding originality and fun to an adventure course is what keeps review scores high and attracts the widest customer base. Climbing walls in the sky, balance beams with a difference, tests of nerve and logic… JM add colour and interest from start to finish.

Team building challenges

By using clever design you can diversify your offer. Team building areas such as climbing walls and gladiator courses open up your market and extend your appeal to corporate business and groups.

From concept to delivery, a project manager oversees every step of the process, so that you can be confident of quality from start to finish.

Indoor, on the floor and much more

You name it…

Over the years there's not much in the adventure business that we haven't done. From  developmental installations, to huge swings, from army assault courses to kids playgrounds, from climbing walls and belay towers to bouldering areas – if it's adventure and it's outdoor, we've got it. Actually, if it's adventure and it's indoor, we've got that covered too.

Low ropes

Most of what can be done high in the treetops can be implemented at a safe distance over a soft landing. We can do our trademark custom design and build, or we have loads of stock options that you can view in our downloads area.

Challenge courses

Teamwork, personal achievement, training, testing… JM have built many courses with many aims for many different customers including the armed forces.

Training and inspection

An essential part of our main offering is training, inspection and maintenance – all services which form part of our own projects and which can be arranged in respect of any ropes course.

Specialist spares and equipment

We have the ability to post spares and keep a large stock of spares such as chain hoists, trolleys, pulleys and milk crates ready for immediate dispatch.

From concept to delivery, a project manager oversees every step of the process, so that you can be confident of quality from start to finish.